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From basic backyard retaining walls to complete property re-designs, Hart Horticulture can help you add lasting enjoyment, value and function to your landscape. Our comprehensive service offering includes every possible option needed to create your wow-worthy new property vision. Our design and installation services include: Landscape design and planning,  Exterior home design and planning, Full installation of all landscape and exterior design.

We offer:

Paver driveways, pathways and walkways. HH_sep_web

The entrance to your home or business is your first opportunity to make an impression - make yours amazing! Elegant paver driveways, garden paths, or rustic walkways can provide great personality to your space, and with a plethora of materials available, there’s something for every look and feel.


Full site drainage and drainage installation HH_sep_web

Proper drainage is a landscaping must, and we can evaluate the needs of your site for optimal drainage, erosion control, and storm runoff control as needed.


Retaining wall systems HH_sep_web

Create more plantable space with decorative retaining walls, reclaim a hillside with retaining wall terraces, or add structural integrity to your sloped property with an engineered retaining wall system. Retaining walls can be constructed using a variety of materials to suit your needs, including lumber, concrete, or one of the many attractive wall block options now available.


Complete hardscape design & installation HH_sep_web

As the foundation of your entire landscape, hardscapes are a critical part of any major project. Depending on the scope of your project, you may want to explore material options like poured or engineered concrete, stamped or stained concrete, wood, masonry, natural stone, manufactured stone, terracing, fountains, ponds and more.


Patios, paths, and landscape stone masonry HH_sep_web

Looking for a perfect outdoor place to enjoy your Sunday afternoons? Patios offer an easy solution, and can be incorporated in almost any property. Add accent paths with stone masonry installed by our master masonry artisans for a distinctive touch!


Irrigation planning, calculations, and full installation HH_sep_web

Watering by hand can waste both your time, and precious water! Well designed, water-conscious irrigation leaves you with more time to enjoy your landscape, helps support water conservation, and can keep water costs low for years to come.


Fencing, decks, stairs, arbors, pergolas, and other exterior landscape structures HH_sep_web

We build custom fences, decks of all sizes, and landscape structures such as water features, pergolas, gazebos, and arbors. We can also design and create your custom outdoor kitchen, bocce ball court or custom outdoor furniture. Have an idea for a structural feature? We can build it!


Horticultural planting, planning, and designing with plants HH_sep_web

By definition, horticulture is the practice of garden cultivation, and it’s one of the things we do best! We can help you determine which plants will work best in your environment, plan their placement, and sculpt your space into a harmonious botanical wonderland.


Lawn / turf design and installation HH_sep_web

If a lush, green lawn is part of your dream landscape, we can help make that a reality. From initial installation to long term maintenance, we will ensure that your lawn is sustainably planned for your mix of sunlight exposure, shade and foot traffic.


Driveway and property ingress and egress planning HH_sep_web

Planning how you will enter and exit your property, or changing how you do so can be a massive undertaking. Choosing the optimal fit for the entrance to your space is also a critical part of your landscape design. We are experienced with local real estate and property laws, and can guide you through evaluating the options, potential concerns and the construction of your driveway.


Grading and excavation HH_sep_web

Need to level out a large space? Have a lot of soil or debris to move? Let us lend a hand with your grading, earth moving or general excavation needs, and you’ll have a nice leveled out area in no time flat! (pun intended!)

Restorative and horticultural pruning HH_sep_web

It can seem impossible to repair neglected or poorly pruned trees, shrubs or other decorative plants, but in many cases, expert loving care is all they need to make a full comeback. Before giving up, let us take a look - there’s a good chance there’s something we can do. Just need assistance with maintaining your fruit trees or ornamentals? We can definitely help with that too.


Edible gardens & sustainable food garden development HH_sep_web

If you have never had a food garden before, you will be amazed at how well you can feed yourself. Now, we won’t lie and tell you it’s all easy peasy, because like anything else that's worth it, it takes proper planning and good “Bones”. By “Bones” we mean, proper soil, proper and adequate irrigation, fertilization and amendment, a composting system, integrated pest management, and diligent weed pulling. The one thing we can promise you is that edible gardening is FUN! You will find yourself wandering in the garden more often, peeking around, and looking for wonderful delicious surprises daily! You may, after building and edible garden, need supervision from a spouse or a friend while visiting local nurseries. Another thing many people do not consider about edible gardening is they can be both beautiful and ornamental. Perfect little grid rows are not required to grow beautiful vegetables. You can integrate your veggies and herbs in with your perennials!


Drought tolerant gardens and landscapes HH_sep_web

With extended periods of drought across California, and even mandatory water conservation is some areas, water-wise planting is more important than ever. Transform your thirsty lawn into a magnificent succulent desertscape, or update your key planting areas with hardy native species that can withstand tough water conditions. Being water-wise doesn’t have to mean ugly or boring - there are hundreds of species that can be both environmentally sensitive and add beauty to your yard.


Design review and PRMD negotiations and permitting HH_sep_web

From start to finish, we will help evaluate your permitting needs, and take care of all the necessary filing for your project.


Job site management HH_sep_web

Coordinating workers on a large worksite can be a daunting task. If you need help managing job site workflow, our foremen have the experience you are looking for!


Subcontractor management HH_sep_web

Have contractors you prefer to work with, but don’t want to manage the project yourself? We can lend a hand and keep everyone organized.


Project timeline and schedule management HH_sep_web

Have a tight deadline? That’s when we work best! Whether your project is big or small, we excel at getting things done to your specification, on time, all the time.


Routine residential and commercial landscape maintenance HH_sep_web

Sure, some people enjoy it, but doing yard work at home isn’t always a whole lot of fun. Let us do the dirty work for you! We offer full service landscaping maintenance for both home and business properties at competitive prices - give us a call or email us for a free estimate!


 Flowers always make people better, happier, and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul. ~Luther Burbank

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