How We Work

how we work

For New Installations & Large-Scale Landscape Remodels

The hard part of a landscape is the Hardscape, no pun intended. This part of the design and development is pivotal, and it will make or break a landscape. Your hardscape is like your skeleton, or the framing inside the walls of your home. If your hardscape is built well, then everything else on top of it will thrive and perform. One of our specialties is creating the foundations for beautiful landscapes that will last for years to come with good maintenance.

There are thousands of hardscape options, some of them may be suited to you and your space, and some of them maybe not be suitable at all. This is why we are here to guide you through, step by step, using our “homework” and planning process. That’s right...homework. But don’t worry - we’ll make it fun!

Depending on the nature and scope of your unique project, we will ask you a series of questions to help guide the process of finding the perfect landscape for you. We will likely have several meetings together to discuss your ideas, concept options, colors, functionality, and how you use (or want to use) your landscape. Once the core ideas for your landscape plan are determined, we will develop your design draft. We will then get further into the “nuts & bolts” of your landscape plan, and work out important details regarding drainage, any necessary grading, excavation, elevations in your environment, water pressure etc.

At the next and final planning stage, Hart Horticulture will create the “Master Plans” for your project, including the pricing/cost for each component of the plan. This is the client “decision” stage, where you will be able to make a final determination about whether you would like to proceed, or continue to explore options for your landscape design. You may wish to have other contractors bid on your project at this point, and we are happy to answer any questions you may have during the comparison/evaluation process to help you make your final selection (we hope you choose us, but we’ll still help in any way we can!). Every contractor is different, has their own ideas, skill sets etc., and the proposals you see may vary wildly. The most important thing we recommend to our prospective clients is to ensure that all the proposals you consider include a detailed analysis of where your money will be going. Feel free to compare materials costs, labor expenses and other charges between each contractor you choose to evaluate. Don’t be afraid to ask questions, and try to compare your proposals as “apples to apples”, rather than “apples to kumquats.”

If you ultimately decide that you love the designs we’ve planned for you, you can either purchase them from Hart Horticulture, and have them installed by your own gardener or other contractor, or, you can hire us to complete the installation for you. If you do choose to hire us, there are no charges or fees for the landscape plans, the designs we’ve created for you, any planning meetings or any other preparatory work done by Hart Horticulture.

Once you’ve decided to move forward with us, we will draft a contract for your project, outlining the services we will be providing, the estimated timeline, projected costs and any other necessary details related to your particular project. Our contracts are designed to protect and assure our clients, so you know exactly what you’re paying for, and can rest easy knowing that you will be getting the best possible quality of work on a schedule we’ve agreed upon.

Upon contract sign-off, we get you on our schedule, pull any required permits and then get to work on building your dream landscape!

                       (Click here to download client questionnaire)
If all that was too much to’s a handy outline:
Typical Project Outline:

For New Installations & Large-Scale Landscape Remodels, we start with a FREE, ON-SITE CONSULTATION!

1. We will review the client's goals and desires, their dreams for their property and project. 2. We will review site-specific conditions such as sun exposure, soil conditions, flooding and erosion issues, access availability and limitations, existing vegetation, and current maintenance. 3. We will review ingress and egress of the property, the current problems or concerns with the existing layout, and the viability of the landscape remodel. 4. We will discuss and review a budget, short term goals, long term goals, and then begin to develop a working plan. 5. You will go through our “HOMEWORK” with us. Click the link below to download a copy of our questionnaire for property owners. This will be a helpful tool for us both to aid in the development of the perfect plan for your project. Please take as long as you need to complete this, and of course ask us questions if you have any along the way!

            (Click here to download client questionnaire)

In the next stages, we will layout a rough draft of your new landscape plan

6. We will look through images of other projects and material options for discussion. 7. We will possibly look through videos, or take a car tour to look at other finished landscapes, view different plants and planting arrangements, or hardscape materials, such as pavers, driveways and retaining wall systems. 8. We will walk through and discuss your “HOMEWORK”, so that Hart Horticulture can refine your project and tailor it exactly for you and your property. 9. We will then create a rough budget for review, and refinement as needed. 10. We will make the determination whether or not any permits will be required.


11. We will create your final project Master Plan, and review it one more time to make sure we’ve got it perfect! 12. Rough sketches will be drafted from which our crews can work with, as well as to-scale workable drawings or full-scale permit-able blueprints if needed for any subcontractors, county permit requirements etc. 13. We will finalize the contract, budget and payment options, and typically at this time a deposit is agreed upon to begin work. 14. We choose a start date and get to work!


 "Gardening is cheaper than therapy and you get tomatoes.” ~Author Unknown

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